EESL – Get Eveready 9 Watt LED bulbs by Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP) scheme at just Rs 85 (*Odisha)

comes with a very nice deal; Get Eveready 9 Watt LED bulb at just Rs. 85
from your nearest Electric office with
Bill & 3 years Warranty (Any defect, bulb not working, then it will be
completely replaced by a new one in the warranty period)

Energy Efficiency Services Limited
(A Joint Venture Company of PSUs of
Ministry of Power, Govt. of India

The overall size of energy efficiency market is
estimated to be Rs. 74,000 crores. Till now, only 5% of this market has been
tapped through ESCO mode mainly in the areas of lighting and some industrial
applications and the large-scale implementation of energy efficiency is
constrained by a number of important regulatory, institutional and financing
barriers. The concept of performance contracting implemented by Energy Service
Companies (ESCOs) is being increasingly considered as a mechanism to overcome
some of the barriers hindering and discouraging the large-scale implementation
of energy efficiency projects. However, despite the fact that the potential for
application of performance contracting in both the public and private sectors
in developing nations is enormous, the growth of the ESCO industry has been
particularly slow in the country. In order to develop a viable ESCO industry,
Ministry of Power has set up Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a Joint
Venture of NTPC Limited, PFC, REC and POWERGRID to facilitate implementation of
energy efficiency projects. EESL will work as ESCO, as Consultancy Organization
for CDM, Energy Efficiency, etc.; as a Resource Centre for capacity building of
SDAs, Utilities, financial institutions, etc. EESL will also lead the
market-related actions of the NMEEE. It is registered under the companies Act,
1956 on 10th December 2009 and the commencement of business certificate is
obtained on 11th February 2010. It will be the first such company exclusively
for implementation of energy efficiency in South Asia and amongst a very few
such instances in the world

Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP) scheme:

by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA) was launched by Prime
Minister of India Narendra Modi
on 1 May 2015, replacing the “Bachat
Lamp Yojana”. Within 1 year of its launch, 9 crore LED bulbs were sold in
the country, reducing their electricity bills by 55 billion (US$820 million).
     The scheme
was announced as “Domestic
Efficient Lighting Programme
on 5 January 2015, urging the people to use LED bulbs in place of incandescent
bulbs, tube lights and CFL bulbs as they are more efficient, long lasting and
economical in their life cycle duration.

-To carry out and promote the business of Energy
Efficiency and climate change including manufacture and supply of energy
efficiency services and products.
– To implement energy efficiency projects for Demand
Side Measures including municipal functions, agriculture, public building,
lighting etc.
– To implement schemes, programs and policies of
central and state governments or its agencies.
– To carry out such other activities as offered by the
Central Govt., State Govt., Bureau of Energy Efficiency or any other agencies
related to the Energy Efficiency and     
climate change.
– Partner with private ESCO’s and other companies to
promote energy efficiency.
– To provide consultancy services in the field of CDM
projects, Carbon Markets, Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency, Climate change
and other related areas.
– To identify and impart training to build the
capacity of stakeholders.
– To act as a resource center in the field of Energy
Efficiency and take up the activities of Capacity Building Training and other
related activities.
For details about the no. of LED bulbs distributed all
over india, visit here.
to get Eveready 9 Watt LED bulb at just Rs. 85 only:
1. First visit your nearest
Electric office.
2. If you find the distribution of LED bulbs there, then alright otherwise
contact to:
Ph: 0120-4908000, 18002003445

3. Take a Xerox copy of your electric bills of your residence or
office at the time of purchase

You can purchase a maximum of 10, 20 & 50 LED bulbs per electric bill of
Domestic, Commercial consumer & Institutional on upfront payment basis to
the eligible consumers of CESU/SOUTHCO/NESCO/WESCO.
4. Tell them the no. of LED bulbs you want (maximum 10) and
purchase it by making the payment by cash there only.
5. Don’t forget to take the bill (Invoice cum Consent Deed) and
also check all LED bulbs before taking it there only.
6. If case of any technical defect contact to the toll free no: 18002003445

& Conditions:
1. The undersigned is agreeable to participant in the National Ujala scheme and agree on the
following Terms & Conditions:
– That under the National
Ujala scheme of Energy Efficiency Services Limited
offers 9 Watt LED bulbs
(with 3 years warranty) up to 10, 20 & 50 to Domestic, Commercial consumers & Industrial 
on upfront payment basis to
the eligible consumers of CESU/SOUTHCO/NESCO/WESCO.
– That the undersigned has paid all my previous electricity bill
and arrears, if any, of CESU/SOUTHCO/NESCO/WESCO and giving the receipt of the
same, along with my ID proof.
– That undersigned agree to receive LED bulbs as mentioned in the
Invoice above and paid at the rate of Rs. 85/- per LED bulb.
– That undersigned shall install the LEDs received under this
scheme in high usage areas and not remove or keep in reserve any of the LEDs
provided hereunder.
– That I will contact toll free number given on packaging in case
of technical defect in the bulb.
– That undersigned confirmed that I received the LED bulbs as
mentioned above. The terms of this deed have been explained to me and that I
understand the meaning of these terms & conditions, and shall follow the

& Invoice of the LED bulbs we bought:
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