Run two accounts like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc in one android device

Hello, welcome to all of my offersandtricks visitors. Today,
i will give you an awesome trick in which you can run two accounts of fb,
whatsapp, etc. simultaneously at a time. I will give you details about the
Just follow the steps below:

to run two accounts at a time in android:
1. First of you need to download the Parallel
Space app
from Play store.
2. After installation, just open the app and read the
3. Then clone any app that you have installed in your device like
Facebook, whatsapp, etc. just by tapping on the overlapping square icon and
select the suitable app.

4. Now open the required app through Parallel Space app and use it.
5. Simultaneously you can switch to two running accounts.
6. Don’t worry Parallel Space protect privacy by making the apps
invisible on device with Incognito installation feature.
7. You can also double your gaming experience by running two cloned
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