Add password on Paytm wallet/Passbook (New feature added)

Paytm – As Paytm is
increasing there business by spreading across most of the cities through
retailers to accept payment through Paytm.
To become more secure and avoid from fraudent users to use your Paytm
wallet in your absence through your smartphone, Paytm has introduced one new
feature by adding security feature to Paytm wallet/passbook in which you can
unlock your Paytm wallet either through pattern/password or fingerprint (if
your device have).


Just follow the steps below:

Steps to setup Paytm
wallet password in your android phone:

1. First you need to setup your phone password (If already done, skip
this)(Phone settings >> Security >> Screen lock >> choose
your password / pattern / fingerprint on your device)

2. Then update your Paytm to latest version from play store. (or click

3. Open your Paytm app and Login / Sign up on Paytm.

4. Tap on Passbook in the Paytm
dashboard page.

5. Then a pop-up security screen will appear and asks for “Add Security

6. Just tap on it and confirm your password through pattern / password.

7. A Thank you page will appear
confirming that “an additional security feature has been enabled, use this to
access to your passbook or pay

8. That’s it; you have successfully added
additional security to your Paytm wallet.

If you want to turn off this feature then visit Paytm app >> Go to
profile from dashboard >> Security and settings >> Disable App lock

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