Offersandtricks update – Subscribe to our WhatsApp broadcast service and get offer update at the moment

Hey Guys this is not an offer or any tricks. We have introduced a new update in our website in which you will able to receive Realtime offers or any tricks from our website directly into your mobile phone through Whatsapp broadcast.

This feature has been added for the shake of yours, as all of you might not get the short time deals and offers as they are expired or get out of stock within few minutes. So, we have decided to introduce this Whatsapp broadcast feature for our website.

Note: Kindly notice that this Whatsapp broadcast is for only realtime deals, tricks and offers so any kind of personal query, problem, suggestion or any doubts then comment us in the comment section of each post or contact us on:



Just Follow the steps below:

How to subscribe Offersandtricks WhatsApp Broadcast service:

1. First, save this mobile number “9668506522” to your contact list / address book in your phone naming it as: “Offersandtricks“.

2. Then open your whatsapp >> Search for “Offersandtricks” >> Send a message as: “SUB XXXX to your Whatsapp broadcast “.(In place of XXXX kindly give your name)(If you don’t send this message to us then you will not be added as recipient in the whatsapp broadcast as a result of which you will not be able to receive any message from us)

Note: Again we clear that, this WhatsApp broadcast is not for any type of queries, help although you can message us in the contact form ( or in the comment section for any types of difficulties, problems, help, etc.

3. We will add you as recipient in our Whatsapp broadcast within 1-2 days of your messaging.


Some important Rules and Regulations and T&C for our WB:

1. Don’t send any type of message to us like any types of queries, help, problems, etc. None of them will be replied. And on further notice for violating the above they will be removed from the Broadcast.

2. All deals, offers, tricks in the may or may not be send in the Whatsapp Broadcast.

3. If you removed our contact details from your address book, then further you will not receive any messages from us.

4. You mobile number and contact name are completely safe with us.

5. On Violating any types of T&C, rules and regulations, they will be permanently removed from the whatsapp broadcast.



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