Facebook launches its new Messenger Lite App for Android Users in India

Facebook Messenger Lite app – Finally, Facebook has launched its new Messenger Lite App in India. This app is intended to those users who have either old smartphones, low storage or memory or slow internet connections.

The new Messenger Lite App can be downloaded directly from your android play store. However, this feature is not available for iPhone users.

As confirmed from the Google Play store the app is around 10 MB only and varies from device to device, but in my case it is only 5.2 MB which is far better than the Messenger app which is above 40 MB in the play store, so it’s around one tenth of the standard Facebook Messenger app.

Download the Messenger Lite app from Play store


Features of Messenger Lite App:

You will get almost all features to that of the Messenger app like: sending and receiving text images, photos, emojis, stickers along with sending links of any videos and websites via text. And to keep low data consumption this Messenger Lite app will not allow you to transfer GIFs files and also does not allow for the voice calling or video calling.

Currently, the Messenger Lite app has around 10 Million app downloads in the Play store with an average rating of 4.4.

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